About Us

Shafer Commodities History:

In 1934 two friends located in Vancouver, Canada, Gordon Shafer and Harold Haggart, started a trading company appropriately called Shafer-Haggart Ltd.

In those early years, focus was on the abundant supply of west coast salmon that was predominately produced in cans. Shafer-Haggart Ltd. was at the forefront of an industry that was beginning to discover the world and was instrumental in creating export markets for the fledgling industry. Over the next four decades, product lines grew to canned vegetables, fruits and other food items as the company expanded and new markets were encompassed by the business.

The Agri-Commodity Business

In the mid 1970ís the company ventured into agricultural commodity trading as an accompaniment to itís successful food trading business. In those early years, the North American feed industry was discovering least cost formulation and the rush for previously unknown ingredients created a lot of activity. A trading office was opened in Manitoba in 1982 as the industry grew across the prairies and the company grew with it. In 1986 another office was opened in neighboring Alberta as the beef industry truly took hold and Shafer-Haggart Ltd. shared their success.

With now over 15 years in the feed industry, in 1996 Shafer-Haggart Ltd. joined forces with Perdue Farms, a large US based poultry operation. The new joint venture company, called Perdue Shafer, quickly established itself nationally with additional offices in Saskatoon, Mississauga and Montreal and with associated offices in the USA and Mexico. 


Present Day

In early 2004, Shafer-Haggart Ltd. and the traders from the original western Canadian offices purchased the Western Canadian Division of Perdue Shafer Inc. and in 2006 we opened our office in Ennis, Montana. Our traders have combined over 100 years of experience in the procurement and marketing of feed ingredients for dairy feed, beef feed, poultry feed, hog feed, aquaculture feed, pet food, organic ingredients as well as distillery, ethanol and biodiesel operations.

Shafer Commodities Inc. continues the long history of service in the agricultural commodity industry. We take pride in our long term relationships with the many people in our industry, from the grain farmer in northern Alberta to the fishmeal producer in South America to the feed mill in China.

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